The Wisconsin Project

Silverfield Cheese Factory, Fremont, Wisc., Aug. 15, 2009, 3.5x5x5 palladium print

This summer and next, we’ll be on the road in our 1962 Rambler station wagon making postcard views of places in our native Wisconsin based on our vintage postcard collection and random wanderings. We welcome your suggestions for Wisconsin sites to photograph! We will post these views as we go at


Bob Watt with model, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1996

Bob Watt with Model, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1996, 10×8 platinum-palladium print

Bob Watt’s heart failed last week at age 86. His pursuit of beauty via his poetry and art became the subject of our decade long film and book project titled One Million Years is Three Seconds. Bob told us “A million years is like three seconds” to point to how infinitesimal our existences are in the grand scheme of things. He wrote us letters that read like poems ruminating on memories of his Manitowoc County childhood, the Milwaukee art world, the Packers, Badgers, and the models and people in his life.

20th Century Optimism

Electrical Shock from Season’s Gleamings, 2004, 10×8 transparency

We did a book once, Season’s Gleamings, and a film, Foot Massage,  about the optimism of the 1960s expressed through aluminum Christmas tree design and electrical devices, some made in our hometown of Manitowoc.  CBS Sunday Morning and The New York Times  covered it. Most Decembers to this day we get calls from writers to talk about the trees from publications like  Der Spiegel in Hamburg or Third Coast Digest Milwaukee. The trip continues.