Self-Portrait with Hollywood Autopsy

Madison, Wisconsin, 1983, Gelatin Silver Print

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Our Hollywood Autopsy LP was completed in 1983. It was recorded in Dan Colleran’s basement on used 1/4 inch reel-to-reel tapes and Butch Vig mixed it down at Smart Studios. Each jacket was handmade with a photocopied picture of the band stuck to the front with Elmer’s Glue. Use these photographs to make your own CD cover art after you download Hollywood Autopsy MP3 audio files made from a tape digitally mastered by Bob Wasserman.

We were all college students in Madison when we did Hollywood Autopsy. Like other post-punk groups, we embraced the spirit of amateurism prevalent in punk rock but rejected the cookie-cutter lyrics, nursery rhyme melodies and pummeling 3/4 beats that predominated the hard core scene that was happening at the time. We drew on our personal histories that absorbed 1950s, 1960s and 1970s pop culture. There was an element of recreation to what we did, although at the time we considered it serious art. We all had other things to do after we finished at UW Madison, so the project ended.

We reunited with Bob for a performance at the Orpheum Stage Door on March 6, 2004. Bob played his Farfisa while Julie played her black Rickenbacker and John his Vox 12-string. Cyndee sent her well-wishes from Seattle and offered to play the washboard. Artist and writer Elsa Klink of Milwaukee joined us on stage for a reading from an obscure German text while wearing a traditional German folk costume and playing the tambourine. Artist and persona Matt Fink of Milwaukee played the stumpf fiddle and drums on our dissonant rendition of the Beer Barrel Polka. A film on dreams was projected on the wall above us during our never-ending, ear-shattering set. We opened for Milwaukee's Plasticland which was a fantastical unimaginable honor.

View lost finding gone, a music video edited from 8mm footage shot at a performance at the Wil-Mar Center and our basement practices in Madison circa 1982-1983. View Standing Naked in the Carnival, a video produced by Yeller Skeltin for "Capital Reaction", his cable access show. It was shot in the summer of 1983 at Merlyn's on State Street in Madison during a sound check before a show with X and the Replacements.

Tracks: 1. lost finding gone (j.s.), 2. hideous plastic flowers (j.s.), 3. cold war (j.s.), 4. turn the pages (b.w.), 5. improvised instrumental edit, 6. standing naked in the carnival (j.s.), 7. mr. farmer (sky saxon), 8. liquid lunch (b.w.), 9. frankie (j.s.), 10. improvised instrumental edit, 11. trivia (j.s.)

Personnel (left to right): julie lindemann (drums), johnie “pukeface” shimon (guitar, vocals), cyndee baudhuin (bass, sax, backup vocals), bob wasserman (guitar, farfisa, vocals)