Eric Lunde installing his work at Neo-Post-Now Gallery

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1994 Gelatin Silver Print

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Eric Lunde installing his work at Neo-Post-Now Gallery We showed contemporary art in our storefront in downtown Manitowoc from 1992 to 1997. We called it Neo-Post-Now Gallery. Writing reviews for New Art Examiner (Chicago) and Art Muscle (Milwaukee); photographing artists and art patrons for the Milwaukee Art Museum; and showing in alternative spaces in the 1980s more or less prepared us for the project. Interviewing and photographing the artists we showed was a big part of it. Our self-published zine, Art $lut, documented the milieu. We collaborated with Jimmy von Mlwaukee's Leo Feldman Gallery and organized traveling shows with galleries in Memphis and Austin. Gala opening receptions attracted art cognoscenti, curators, and media. Subsequently, some of the artists have thrived, a few quit art, a couple have died, and at least one is in prison. For the record they included: Jimmy von Milwaukee, Danny Colleran, Stanley Ryan Jones, Timmy Beck, Dr. Rudy Rotter, Stephanie Soltes, Matt Fink, Rev. Norb, Barf Jones, Dan Barry, Nancy Mitchell, Alan Luft, Sally Kolf, Tim Branson, E. Lunde, Thomas Tulis, Michael Garr, Tom Butt, Bob Watt, Henry Glander, Joel Hilgenburg, Lamar Sorrento, James Starks, Lint Art by Jimbo, Tom Duffy, Dylan Koch, Brett Hanson, Matt Mielczarek, and Nigel. In the spring we'd show selections from our thrift store painting collection. In winter, we'd fill the gallery with aluminum Xmas trees.